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Nutritional Consult
Medical Management 

Full Laboratory Analysis, includes Testosterone, TSH, Anemia panel, cholesterol check, Kidney and liver function, diabetes screen, estrogen levels, B12 and Vitamin D levels and more

Talk to our us about your goals! Schedule an weight-loss consultation! 

​Weight Loss medication such as Phentermine and B12 injections, if appropriate​

Our physicians Dr. Guzman & Dr. Bautista are proud to offer comprehensive body transformation package that no other facility in the Central Valley can offer. 

Consult for 30 days at 1 of 4 Central Valley gyms. 
We here at Valley Legs Beauty and Diagnostics believe that losing weight & becoming healthy involve three major factors: exercise, diet and medical optimization. Understanding how our body burns fat, what foods to eat and how to exercise are only part of the equation.  Hormone imbalances such as low testosterone, low Vitamin B12 or Vitamin D, Hypothyroidism, or Anemia are examples of disorders that can inhibit weight loss and not allow you to meet your exercise goals.  

Body Optimization 

Personal consultation with one of our physicians. Our providers will talk to you about your nutrition, exercise, health and more! 

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